In most countries of Europe, but in terms of the research target area, – Austria – it can definitely be stated that the lack of skilled labor is a current and not negligible problem. Based on the experience of the past years, it is increasingly difficult to find a reliable, loyal employee who performs his profession at an appropriate level. In the case of foreign workers, inadequate knowledge of the German language causes additional difficulties for both employees and employers. My goal is to define a performance measurement system for manual workers, during which manual workers will be able to give the best of their knowledge, exceed expectations, and also become interested in the implementation of the employer’s vision and business plans, so that their personal development is also ensured. This results in a cooperation during which the organization will be able to achieve the greatest possible efficiency with the existing number of employees. This alleviates the ever-increasing shortage of skilled labor.
2023. SPECIAL ISSUE 2 9-13
DOI: 10.24387/CI.2023.SPECIAL ISSUE 2.2