How controlling supports decision taking in Industry 4.0 environment

In today’s fast changing economic environment the management must react rapidly, but decisions should have also a sound basis. This means new challenges for controlling, as its main task to support the management with founded reports. In such fast-changing environment dashboard reports can be a good supporting tool to management in decision making, where they can check real time data and drill down to further details, when it is needed. Also, information technology develops rapidly. What is on one hand helps controllers to build such dashboard reports, but on the other hand they should keep up with technology changes. My paper describes how data should be selected, cleaned, stored and prepared to dashboard reports. I also describe what to take care at visualisation of data in dashboard to help management to see the trends and the deviations quickly. At the end of my paper I present, how a dashboard implementation project looks like at a big manufacturing firm. My aim with this paper to help controllers with practical advices at implementation of new dashboard reporting.
IX. ÉVF. 2021. 3. SZÁM 62-66.
DOI: 10.24387/CI.2021.3.12