Going Green All The Way- An Empirical Study About Inculcating Sustainable And Responsible Behavior In University Students In Hungary

Universities, these days are focusing on several areas which have become the need of the hour. One of them which tops the list is campus sustainability. The study has been conducted in Hungary and students from various Hungarian universities have participated in the survey. It measures the impact of university’s role in sustainable development on campus sustainability with moderating role of student’s sustainability involvement and responsible behavior. The study emphasizes on the importance of sustainability at university and what factors are necessary to enhance it.
DOI: 10.24387/CI.2021.különszám.9

Digital Heroin – The Impact of Digital Gadgets on Developing Minds An Empirical Study on Growing Children of Lahore

This quantitative survey examines the relationship between digital gadgets and the mental health of developing children. 300 respondents of Lahore, mainly parents of children with age between 0-8 years in Lahore, Pakistan have been surveyed. Results of this study show that the heavy use of digital gadgets has a significant and direct impact on the child health. Mothers have also reported the increase of aggression, stubbornness and mood tantrums in their children after excessive usage of tablet devices.
CONTROLLER INFO IX. évf. 2021.1. szám 55-58.
DOI: 10.24387/CI.2021.1.10